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"We enable you to give your audience what they deserve - great sound & reliability, coupled with  unparalleled retail, marketing and promotions opportunities that can earn you significant revenue"


From its origins deeply rooted in America's mid-west, Drive-In Entertainment has matured into a important part of today's culture.

Cinema, Comedy, Live Music and Entertainment are all migrating to the Drive-In stage offering a unique night out complete with family fun and refreshments. 

Car-Link Technology Ltd is part of the Orbital Sound group of companies. For over 25 years we have been the leading creative, technical and logistical force that works with the public, producers and fellow creatives to stage the best possible entertainment for the audience. Our operations serve the North American, European and Far Eastern markets.


We have grown steadily to become leading world players, coupling enormous experience in professional audio, communications, RF, technical excellence and R&D. Our site engineers spend their days working with audiences of 50 to 50,000 in the ultimate “show must go on” environments, around the globe.


Drive-In Cinema

Drive-In Music.jpg

Drive-In Live

Drive-In Corporate3.png

Drive-In Corporate


Car-Link Products

Car-Link Carbon Wide.png

Car-Link Carbon

Purpose designed for the Drive-In market the Car-Link Carbon delivers wireless high quality stereo sound with deep bass capable of accurately reproducing modern movie soundtracks and live music performances, without compromise.

Carbon2 new.png

Car-Link Carbon2

New for the summer - Baby Brick

Featuring the same transmission system and high standards of it's big brothers Carbon2 is a compact, neat and simple solution for in-car events that don't require the dynamics of live entertainment or live music.

Car-Link Black BG NOT Luna 3 Cropped.png

Car-Link Retail

The game changer for the industry.

All the features and benefits of Car-Link Carbon but adding a unique touch-screen for advertising, presentations, food & drink ordering and promoter information.

Huge commercial potential for the promoter.





Car-Link Straighened 1.png

Endless Possibilities

On Dashboard

Shop on Dashboard.jpg

On Tablet

On Tablet 2.png

On Smartphone

On Mobile 2.jpeg

Other Services

WIFI & Communications

Site-wide WiFi & Communications.jpg

FM Transmission


Mixing, PA, Broadcast



Social media continues to be at the forefront of modern advertising and Car-Link does the work for you.

In addition to the customisable branding and advertising the public love the look, sound and feel of our devices making them a great focal point for all their online pictures. 

As our devices sit directly in front of your customers you can be sure that your branding is directly visible.


An additional engaging talking point, making your events stand out and even more memorable.


Other Services

WiFi & Communications

Site-wide WiFi & Communications.jpg

FM Transmission


Mixing, PA, Broadcast


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