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Car-Link Carbon2


New for the summer - Baby Brick.


Featuring the same transmission system and high standards of it's big brothers Carbon2 is a compact, neat and simple solution for in-car events that don't require ultimate SPL or dynamics.


With outstanding battery life capable of lasting throughout a working day and beautiful polished Carbon finish this unit delivers stable, clear stereo audio in a one-piece design in a simple, elegant custom designed package.


Carbon2 sports a large, highly visible area for sponsors and event organisers to attach their own branding stickers whilst technicians benefit from quick re-charging times and LED diagnostics.

All our Car-Link Series utalise the same back-end DSP and transmission system so units can be “mixed and matched” allowing event organisers to upgrade premium areas with touch screen retail and information solutions whilst also providing extended coverage to hundreds of units at the back of the field.

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