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Jen, St Neots, “We went to Knebworth to watch Dirty Dancing...The speaker in The car worked really well... All in all a nice evening out rather than looking at the same 4 walls we’ve been looking at for the past 3 mths of lockdown!"

@muldr4scly, "It was so much fun watching Pretty Woman at the drive in cinema at Blenheim Palace last night...The speaker which you put in your car has excellent sound quality. Food is delivered to your car! We had a great view."

bubaloo22, London, "Went to Allianz Park for a drive in screening of Romeo and Juliet...had a great view and the sound was amazing as you are given a speaker to put in the car which is disinfected after every use...something you wouldn’t normally do everyday."

@iamhelenwills, "That screen is much bigger than it looks! But how cool is the sound system?!  #driveincinema @TheLunaCinema 

@mitsubishimotorsuk #Knebworth"

chhd, Cuffley, “A fantastic evening at Knebworth House…staff handed us our in car sound systems as we drove in. The sound and picture quality was fantastic and we were completely absorbed in the movie."

AztecLife, Bedfordshire, “We saw the Joker at Knebworth...Speaker that was provided was excellent and sound was very good (you could adjust the volume to suit)...a fun night that was well organised."

@coffeearchitects, "was just amazing tonight.... booking again ASAP as we had a brilliant night... The speaker system was so clear and a brilliant addition.... rained at the end but didn’t change the experience at all..."

LondonBecstar, London, “We had a great time last night watching Jurassic Park…we were immersed in the film…The speakers were excellent, the sound quality was really good...It was great to be out of the house, even if it was just in the car, and it felt like an adventure"

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sjacullen, "Enjoying the tunes whilst waiting for the film to start! #movieswithmitsubishi #lunadriveincinema"

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