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Car-Link Manager Software:

Completely customisable back-end software that allows you to organise your locations, events, food & drink vendors and advertising.

This coupled with the point of sale interface gives the customer a clear and simple way of purchasing products from their vehicle whilst the orders are fulfilled behind the scenes.

Detailed end of event reporting allows you to export all sales data for each of your events, ideal for future planning, costing control and auditing.

Features include:

  • Food, drink and merchandise ordering

  • Integrated secure payment processing

  • Order email order notification to vendor, client and customer

  • Audit reports

  • Customisable buttons including:

    • Food & Drink

    • Merchandise

    • Event content information

    • Site map

    • Your company details

    • Ticket booth

    • Sponsor's page

    • FAQ's

  • On-screen picture "push messaging" for sponsor advertising and promotions

  • Your own branding with background company image and colour scheme

  • Remote set up and management

  • Remote battery and status monitoring up to 999 units

Automatic movie data entry
Site maps & visitor info
Multiple simultaneous events
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Multiple site vendors
Product descriptions & pricing
Adaptable GUI & colour scheme
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Advertising, messaging & banners
Secure payment processing
Audit trail & reporting
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