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Car-Link Retail


The game changer for the industry.

All the features and benefits of Car-Link Carbon but adding a unique touch-screen for advertising, presentations, food & drink ordering  and promoter information, unlocking huge commercial potential for the promoter.


Car-Link Retail features a 5.71 inch high definition touchscreen actively encouraging the patron to undertake retail and concession purchases. When coupled with our client friendly back-end software this brings all the features and benefits of mobile ordering and payment processing directly into the customer’s environment in one slick, combined package.


Car-Link Retail works alongside customers's own smartphones. Payment data can normally be routed directly from Car-Link, or via the customer's mobile device if that is their preference. All the hardware and software is provided as part of the integral package, meaning (for instance) customers who don’t have smart-mobiles can usually still undertake retail purchases.

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